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How do I feel better now?

 You start with the  help  of 

Robert Betancourt, 

world renowned expert in motivational psychology

Robert will help you transform your life, work and relationships in powerful ways that will keep you doing well and feeling  so much better.

"Robert is an alchemist, who turned my   overwhelming feelings and fear into    confidence and hope. "-a recent client testimony



Help while you're on the go!


 Take a deep breath and calm yourself-you can feel better right now  with a strategic session. Really stressed? Therapeutic Hypnotherapy is also available. Just click the red button and start a session. After your first session, you can continue getting sessions on the go and/or make scheduled appointments.

Couples Counseling and Coaching Are Also Available

Robert has helped many happy couples save their marriages through counseling  and strategic coaching. He has over 25 years of experience helping people just like you get the most out of their lives.   

 - A recent marriage counseling client  said -"We  were headed for divorce court. We didn't even like each other anymore  when we began couples counseling with Robert. Now we are planning dates  and vacations together."