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Stop Living In The Past

World class expert in motivational psychology, Robert Betancourt, conducting a success in life seminar in Thailand in 2019.

Feel better right now. Motivational psychology expert Robert Betancourt can help you finally get past your past. He's got over 25 years of experience and he knows how to help you feel better faster.

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A husband and wife can't help hiding how they distance themselves from each other by sitting on the extreme opposite edges of their bed

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 Robert poses with the car that set the modern standard of luxurious form and function for all other modern vehicles, the 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III.

Are you feeling anxious right now? Let me help you tap into the logical, calming part of your mind. Think of yourself for a moment in a virtual reality environment. Imagine your body as an external high tech armored suit like something from a superhero film. When you feel what you're feeling right now, your suit has the ability to send a calming energy field from your head to your toes when you use the voice command 'Peaceful.' Say the command softly, right now. Your high tech suit is responding,  right now , filling you with calming peace.  Relax now and get in touch with Robert when it's convenient for you.